Washington Community Health Care
Washington Community Health Care

We are a group of GP practices in Washington that have chosen to work together to better enable us to provide great NHS care to our patients.

We have set up a community provider organisation to help us work together. This is sometimes described as a “federation”. Our work is mostly for the patients of our practices but sometimes we provide care for other local people. We work in Washington and the areas around our town – for example with the hospitals serving local people.

Working together means we can provide excellent care within our GP practices whilst also working together to do things better across the town. We are founding members of the Vanguard Programme led by Sunderland CCG and Sunderland City Council. We are enthusiastic supporters of all that the CCG and the council are doing to improve teamwork across health and social care.

Washington Community Health Care

About us

We are a group of GP practices in Washington who see benefits from working together. Washington is a vibrant new town on the outskirts of Sunderland at the heart of the fantastic north east region of England. Amongst many other things we are proud to be the home of the success  story that is the Nissan car plant.

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Washington Community Health Care

Education and training

Washington Community Health Care has developed a comprehensive education and training programme that covers both clinical and operational areas.

Regular evening clinical events are held at least monthly that each have an ‘in depth’ focus on discrete topics that link to the Sunderland CCG priorities and our clinical interests

These events are open to colleagues from elsewhere in the NHS

NHS training for practice staff is provided that includes statutory and mandatory areas

All enquiries regarding these events should be directed to

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Washington Community Health Care

Research and development

Washington Community Health Care is committed to research and development. We work with a number of partner organisations and examples of current work programmes are:

Osteoporosis (in partnership with the Academic Health Science Network)

Atrial Fibrillation in primary care

The Quality Improvement Project with the Royal College of General Practitioners

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Washington Community Health Care

Integrated working

Washington Community Health Care is committed to working positively with partner organisations and promotes:

Locality Integrated Teams

GP practice sharing and collaboration

Collaborative working for administrative systems between practices utilising GPTeamNet

We have a major interest in developing the Primary Care Home model and we would love to hear from others who are working to do the same – please get in touch if you are!

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Washington Community Health Care

Clinical service development

Washington Community Health Care has a wide range of work programmes that are actively being developed and implemented with the overarching goal of delivering improved care to our patients

Examples of some of our work programmes are:

Sleep apnoea

Men’s Health
– Health Checks
– Erectile Dysfunction

Woman’s Health
– Intrauterine Contraception
– Long Acting Reversible Contraception
– Pipelle Biopsies

Falls and osteoporosis


Improving patient access to services

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Contact Us

Your feedback enables us to improve the services we provide. We would love to hear from you.

Washington Community Healthcare welcomes discussion and can be contacted by

Email enquiries@washingtonchc.org.uk

Washington Community Healthcare
Concord Medical Practice
Victoria Road Health Centre
Victoria Road
Tyne & Wear
NE37 2PU

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